In London, you can find so many amazing monuments, structures and so many other places that you can visit as a traveller. But if you will not visit museums while visiting this city, then you will not be able to enjoy your trip in the best possible manner. If you are travelling to this city, then here is a list of the most popular museums in London and I would suggest you to visit all these popular museums to complete your travel.

National history museum: This is not only one of the most popular museums in London, but it is one of the largest one as well. This place is home for more than 70 million plants, london museumsrocks, fossils, and mineral specimens. In this place you can see a big structure and small worms as well. Other than this it has so many other things as well that makes it one of the largest museums in the entire world and one of the most popular in London.

National art gallery: This art gallery was founded in 1824 only with 32 painting and today it has more than 2000 outstanding work from some of the best artists. Indeed, 2000 artworks do not make it one of the largest art museums in the world, but in this museum you can get masterpiece from almost every European art school. That makes it one of the most popular museums not only in London, but in entire world as well. So, when you visit London, make sure you do not miss a chance to see this place and its magnificent art work.

British Museum: Although it is located in London, but it is one of the oldest museums of entire world that makes it popular around the world. In this place you can get almost everything and anything ranging from history, culture, art, science and much more. The most fascinating this about this museum is that they have a vast collection of artefacts and they only display a fraction of those things at a time. That means if you will visit it again and again you may see new things on each of your visit.

Science museum: This is one of the largest museums dedicated for science and this largest stand not only stand for London but it means entire world. This place is scattered in 7 floors and it can teach a lot of things to people and young kids. Along with education,

it can offer a lot of entertainment as well to all the visitors that make it a popular place among all the people. Hence, if you have any love for science, and you are in London, then make sure you visit it and I am sure you will enjoy it from all of your heart.

Other than these museums so many other popular museums are there in London that are dedicated for different subjects. So, when you travel to London for any reason, then make sure you take out some time from your schedule and you visit all the popular and knwlegeble places to get a better understanding of art, culture, history, science and many other subjects.

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